What is the full buyer’s journey and product lifespan of a book?

  • For most books, you buy it, read it once, and it goes on the shelf with the other books and that’s it.

  • What if there could be MORE to the life of your book?

  • What if you could use proven strategies to maximise readers’ engagement with your book?

  • What if you could earn additional revenue from your book, after the initial sale?

  • What if there was a new model for how to make money from book publishing, which the conventional publishing industry is not aware of and not exploring?

Publishers MUST attend this event to see how they can help their current and future clients on how to maximise the potential of their books!

NO ONE else is providing this service to help authors and publishers maximise the performance of their books. This is a new method that can potentially help authors, coaches, business experts, publishers, book industry professionals, and anyone who makes money from selling or distributing books and eBooks. If you are a business expert, coach, consultant, or author who has published a book…
  • Do you know there are simple ways on how you can use your books to be paid as you sleep (beyond the initial book sale)?

  • Are you being proactive enough to encourage your readers to become clients instantly after reading the first chapter of your book?

  • Think about a favourite book you have read, and how you felt connected with the author?

  • How would you feel if that particular author personally contacted you?

  • Would you want to invest in their products & services?

  • How would you like to know all the readers who purchased your book?

  • What value would this be to you?

  • Would you be excited?

  • Do you think that the reader would want to work further with you?

  • Would you want to work with them?

  • Would you want them to invest in your products and services?

  • How do you find these exciting people?

You will be inspired all day by our World Class selection of Speakers

Des O’Connor
Mark Stephen Pooler
Michelle Watson
Elizabeth Chan

Margaret Thorli

Angela Sterling-Noel

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This is what I will be sharing with you on 22nd September at this FREE all day event for the FIRST TIME!

My book, “Coach Wisdom”, where I am a contributing author, recently became a best seller. I have been developing some exciting new strategies and techniques to help authors and publishers maximise the potential of their books – leading to better engagement with readers and better sales results. I intend to share these exciting methods at this event on 22nd September!

Also at this event: Would you like to speak on stage (worth £1500!) at one of my future events? I will be running a competition at the 22nd September event for someone to speak on stage (for free) at my upcoming Women in Business – Creating Business Leaders conference on Sunday 23rd November 2019. This November event will have 200 guests attending, and the winner of the competition will also receive over £2000 worth of bonuses and a free consultation with me (worth £1000)!

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Who is this 22nd September Authors event intended for?

For the purposes of this event, we want to host an inclusive event for all categories of authors!
Are you a…
  • Published Author

  • Self-Published Author

  • Blogger

  • eBook writer

  • Article writer

  • Business Expert Who Offers Long form White Papers or Downloadable Articles

  • Consultant or Coach Who Wants to Sell Your Advice in Book Form

  • Professional or Expert in Any Field or Industry Who Wants to Make Money and Build An Audience By Selling Books, eBooks, or Written Material

This event is not focused on:
  • How to write a book

  • How to publish a book

  • How to self publish a book

  • Whether to self publish or not

This Event Is 100% Dedicated to Show You Powerful Strategies and Techniques (All Day) on: How Authors and Publishers Can Be Paid As They Sleep

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This event is for you if you are:

  • An author, blogger, or article writer, someone who likes to share lengthy posts

  • A writer of eBooks/White Papers/PDFs

  • Thinking of writing a book and want to be ahead of the game and learn secret strategies (no one else is providing) that can enable you to be paid as you sleep!

  • Someone who has a book inside you and wants to know how to use these ideas to make sure your upcoming book is a massive success!

  • A publisher or publishing company executive who wants to send your marketing team to learn new top strategies on how to provide value to your existing and future clients.

  • A book writing coach/book publishing expert/anyone who is in the business of selling and distributing books!

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Date: Sunday, 22 September, 2019

Time: 8:30am – 6pm

Venue: Holiday Inn, High Street Kensington, Wrights Ln, Kensington, London W8 5SP. Nearest tube station is High St Kensington, which is a 2 minute walk.

Authors: Speak On Stage!

This event also provides opportunities for a selection of authors to speak on stage about their story and their book, and also possibly be interviewed by Des O’Connor on stage!

Authors speaking on stage at this event will also have the opportunity to have their stage presentation be recorded on video by a professional videographer to be used as a video showreel to help them promote their business, sell books, and get further speaking opportunities.

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This event is a MUST ATTEND for anyone who wants to sell more books, make more money from your books or other writing, engage more readers, and maximise the potential of using your book as a platform for building your audience and expanding your sales.

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