“One of the things I have realised over the past few years from reading thousands of books ranging from business, dating and relationships, marketing and several different personal development experts’ books from all over the world, was that I felt a connection with at least a few hundred of them. You know that connection with the author where you feel as though the author is talking DIRECTLY TO YOU!

Have you ever felt while reading throughout a book’s chapters and even at the end of the book, that you wanted MORE from the author? What if the author could contact you directly and could promote their products and services to you? Would you be so excited from reading their book, and from the connection that the author has created, that you would invest in them???

Well, over the years I have noticed a trend for most authors and even bestselling ones are not making a living from selling their books. In fact, most authors that pay thousands to self-publish, even up to £30,000 (yes that much) have not even sold 100 books.

The perception is that if you are a best selling author, it means instant success and money in the bank you can retire on. But do you know one person who has retired from selling books? I don’t! We need a new model of how to make money from books and how to measure success from publishing books. The book should be used to raise your status, expand your profile, gain media coverage, generate good quality targeted leads and to build your database.These are all good strategies if you know how to employ them, but unfortunately most authors do not know how to market themselves first and then their book.

I have a secret easy to follow plan on how you can be paid from your book chapters as you sleep. I can show authors and publishers how to create a system to use published books to generate a good supply of targeted leads.This is why I am launching this event for the first time!”

Des O’Connor