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Mark Stephen Pooler

International Best Selling Author Radio Host PR Expert

Speaking Title: Building your business with Press and PR

Mark Stephen Pooler is a professional speaker, Best Selling Author, individual and group coach and a Radio Host and PR expert. His area of expertise is self-leadership and transformation born out of his amazing life and near death experience.

Mark helps struggling entrepreneurs create a mindset and belief system that makes their success a reality.

He is passionate and dedicated to inspiring others to overcome their own adversity and find their inner entrepreneur to transform their lives.

Mark inspires entrepreneurs  to find and use their courage and strength to empower and lead themselves to success. He helps speakers coaches and influencers to move forwards gain credibility and authority and get results helping his clients get featured in national press.

Michelle Watson

Author, Speaker, Book Creation Mentor, Coach

Speaking Title: How To Write A Book That Will Be An Effective Marketing Tool For Your Business

Michelle Watson is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, multi award winning speaker, certified personal development coach, speaker trainer, business coach and business book creation mentor & publisher. As founder of, Breakfree Forever Publishing & Breakfree Forever Consultancy Ltd, Michelle has done phenomenal work in growing her brand and dedicates herself to transforming the lives of many worldwide ‘to go from being ordinary to extraordinary through the art of personal development, writing and speaking.’ Her numerous affiliations & recognition surround her passion for life transformation, motivation, vision creation and financial growth. Michelle’s core passion is influencing individuals, families, entrepreneurs and organizations to achieve their personal, financial and entrepreneurial goals.

Michelle is a sought-after speaker and has worked with some very highly influential individuals to accelerate transformation and impact. Michelle has released 3 books including her bestseller “Overcome & Rise Above – How to Turn the Downside of Your Challenges into The Upside of Renewing Your Life” followed by “Rise Above & Believe –It’s Do or Lie – How to Get Rid of Excuses & Create the Life You Desire” and also an E-book titled “Women Be – 7 Tips to Create the Life You Desire.”

Michelle is known as an inspiration with her open honesty, bold, bubbly yet powerful personality, that shines with passion and has motivated thousands all over the world within the last 4 years and has won numerous awards reflecting her impact. Her uplifting character, warmth and humour, will leave you challenged and inspired to take the actions necessary to bring about change. Michelle will show you how to break-free, believe and build in order to create the life you not only desire but deserve. Michelle has empowered her audience through various media’s such as London Live TV, The Digging Deep Show, Power Xtra Radio, Stand Out Woman Radio, Oasis Universal Radio, Harold Hill Radio, featured in Womelle magazine and numerous events across the globe.

Michelle firstly began with her dedication to giving back to her community via her Women Be event which enabled women to break-free from their circumstances, believe in themselves & learn techniques on how to start a business & build a brand.

Michelle is an overcomer against all odds and teaches through her various seminars, masterclass and programmes how to overcome your current circumstances and create the life you desire.

Michelle is a Co-Pastor, wife, mother of three children and is the pure essence of success, born in London but raised from the age of 3 in the country of Jamaica. A survivor of domestic violence, from a previous marriage, suicidal tendencies, depression, huge financial debts and through the many challenges she has faced whilst parenting her son diagnosed with Special Needs, Michelle has taken the opportunity to turn her pain into a passion by sharing the experiences of her journey. Her insights and experience in life of overcoming difficulties has inspired many. Michelle strongly believes “your pain can become your passion” this passion has endowed her with abilities and strategies to help others overcome those stumbling blocks on their journey. Andy Harrington, Sharon Lechter, Bob Burg, Gerry Robert and has had the privilege of speaking and sharing the stage with some of the greats such as Tony Robbins at The National Achievers Congress London 2016

The numerous challenges this inspirational woman has faced propelled her to not only write her books but to also assist others to share their story and has created coaching programs that has helped to change the life of others. Michelle strongly believes that ‘your life is a book, you cannot go back and tear out the pages already written but you can determine what is going to be written in the next chapter of your book called life’ this passion has endowed her with the ability to share her thoughts, strategies and experiences to overcome those stumbling blocks and help you on your journey to success.

Elizabeth Chan

Certified NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Resilience Expert, Coach, Trainer, Entrepreneur, Author

Speaking Title: Overcoming Life’s Adversities

Elizabeth Chan is a Certified NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapist and Hypnotherapist. She uses her own personal experiences in overcoming significant adversities in her life, along with NLP and Timeline techniques to coach others to achieve results and be the best that they can be.

Elizabeth is writing a book about her life story to inspire and empower others. Her book will be published at the beginning of 2020.

Elizabeth is passionate about personal and business development to develop herself and others. She learns from world-class leaders – Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and T. Harv Eker, to name a few. She is a certified Train The Trainer with T. Harv Eker and Blair Singer, and creates her own programmes to train others.

Elizabeth has over 15 years experience in the NHS and a total of 20 years within the Healthcare Industry. Elizabeth is an entrepreneur and owns several businesses.

Margaret Thorli

H&R Training Professionals, An Award-Winning Business Start-Up Trainer and Author

Speaking Title: Overcoming Life’s Adversities

Margaret Thorli is a successful mumpreneur, CEO, author, public speaker, trainer and career mentor for single women and lone parents. As a business owner and executive coach, she creates and facilitates life-learning workshops and seminars to advise individuals such as single fathers and young people about freelancing, employment, starting a business and business support. In addition to efficiently obtaining start-up finances for new, established entrepreneurs.

“Championing the voice and worth of single mothers and fathers”

Her aim is to educate, inspire and empower 20,000 single women seeking a relationship and those raising children alone to discover their underlying potential to achieve the lifestyle that they’ve always envisioned. With topics varying from business to effectively guiding kids and budgeting, she will work in partnership with them to boldly walk in the fullness of their destiny without restrictions.

Empowering Single Women and Parents.

Angela Sterling-Noel

Certified Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Life Coach

Speaking Title: Dare to Soar! Soaring Above the Trauma of Divorce

Angela Sterling-Noel is the Founder & CEO of Enamour UK. She is passionate about the emotional wellbeing of people from all generations and her life’s mission is to empower others to effectively design their lives for excellence and purpose.

She is a BACP Registered Psychotherapist and since 2003 has been working in private practice as a Counsellor, Psychotherapist, trainer and Clinical Supervisor. She specialises in trauma and abuse; and has a special interest the inner-child and the systemic impact on families. Her clientele includes Couples, Children, Adolescence and Individual adults.

She also provides CPD training for Counsellors, and Psycho-Education workshops for clients and the public, in subjects on abuse, stress, depression and anxiety. Angela is the author of. Fruits of Gratitude: A Self-Healing Journey Through Gratitude.

Throughout the many years of her career she has studied several approaches to counselling and psychotherapy in her quest to help her fellow mankind with the various challenges that they face. She does not believe that one shoe fits all and therefore helps each client’s unique presentation of issues with a programme tailored to their specific needs. She is also a certified NLP Practitioner & Life Coach and specialises her coaching practice in divorce coaching, giving her client’s back the joy, they lost.

Formerly she was a Senior Lecturer in Counselling at Buckinghamshire New University and a Counselling Coordinator at Youthline Ltd. During this appointment she supported the development of trainee counsellors and worked with parents and their children’s emotional wellbeing

She is grateful for the opportunity to touch the lives of so many over the years and making a difference. Her satisfaction is in seeing the transformation of her clients and empowering others to do the same through… motivational speaking, teaching, writing.

Angela is a mother of two adults sons and loves reading, singing, watching great movies, travelling, walking, the theatre and has a zest for the richness that life has to offer.